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ENGINEERING THE FUTURE... These three words are the driving force behind every decision we make at Indian Creek.  This helps us ensure that every student will leave our school with the skills, knowledge, and determination to do just their future.   We accomplish this by providing student-centered learning, standards-based instruction, and unique STEM experiences for every child, every day,  in every grade.

Student-centered learning challenges students to drive their own education, while teachers facilitate and guide them through the learning process.  Teachers create rigorous, hands-on, problem-based learning opportunities that motivate and excite students about their learning.  Through these intentional approaches, Indian Creek students continue to read, write, listen, speak, and MAKE every day.  We believe this approach empowers students to think independently and collaborate collectively to find workable solutions to real-world problems.  Because of this, Indian Creek provides students with custom tailored learning opportunities rooted in standards-based curriculum they just won’t get anywhere else.  Be sure to check out the Indian Creek Facebook page to view specific examples of unique learning opportunities that students can only get at Indian Creek Elementary.

Kevin Kemper, Principal