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November 10th, 2014
Indian Creek School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math has two teams competing in the First Lego League Indiana Competition in mid-November.  Team WowPow has ten  members and Team WILD has nine.  The teams are coached by Mr. Justin Patten, Robotics and Design teacher at Indian Creek.  Mr. Patten shared that students meet after school four days a week to work on building and most importantly programming their robots for the specific tasks set forth by First Lego League.
This year, the Indian Creek students chose an overlying theme of ‘new ways of helping kids learn’.  One team chose to expand a unit of study in their classrooms on outer space, and another team in a show of support for one of their teammates decided to look into cancer research.
Teams design, create and program a robot that will complete up to twelve tasks on an official Lego mat in less than five minutes.  Teams receive a wide span of points from a low of 310 to over 400 depending on how well their robots complete the tasks.  For example with the overarching theme of how children learn, one task represent cloud learning with a station that looks a little like a satellite, a working door that represents a search engine, a soccer net that represents sports, etc.  For each task, a team member must set up the robot in the home base and then start from there to go through something similar to a maze to (for example) a soccer net then have the robot throw the ball into the net and get back to base so another team mate can use the robot to do another task.  If the robot, which can only be touched by a team member when it is in the base area is set up even an inch off, it can effect the entire task.  It’s hard to imagine all of the life skills that these students are learning and utilizing during the preparation for and the actual competition.
Besides all of the amazing work described above, students create a poster to accompany their game and in the case of the team choosing Space, a song sung to the alphabet song tune using space terminology.
Last year, Indian Creek had a team that one first place at the Regional competition and went on to compete at the State level.  The team won for Robot Performance and Robot design.  This year’s teams hope to repeat or even do better this year!  Good luck Teams WowPow and WILD!