Parent Resources



Please remember to call the school office by 8:00 each day that your student is absent. The attendance line is 964-4405. Homework requests must also be made through the office.  The office number is 964-4400. Thank you for your cooperation.

Classroom Visitations

After the first two weeks of school, we welcome your visit to your child's classroom. Pre-arranged classroom visits by parents are encouraged and welcomed.

We also welcome parents to come and eat lunch with their student.

All visitors should sign in at the office and wear a guest or volunteer badge.

For your child's safety and education, we cannot allow parents to just walk into the classroom unexpectedly. Thank you for your support in providing a safe environment for our children.

Parent Involvement

Indian Creek attributes much of its success to the commitment of involved parents.  When parents apply for this magnet, they understand expectations of being partners in education both in and out of the school setting. 

Parents assist us in many ways from working at home with students to volunteering in classrooms, leading literary circles, working in the office and media center, assisting with projects at home and at school, leading after school enrichment classes, serving on site-based leadership teams, accompanying students on study trips and camping trips, coaching students on technology projects, and sharing their expertise as guest speakers.

Dad's Club

This active group supports Indian Creek with special projects that support student learning and special events. Recent projects include the construction of a new bridge and dock on Discovery Pond, playground installation, study group benches for the outdoor lab and the Pirates of the Caribbean Haunted ship for the annual Harvest Hoopla.