Welcome to Indian Creek Elementary’s Parent Faculty Organization!  At Indian Creek (IC), the PFO is made up of parents just like you who try to stay informed and involved in order to make a difference in their child’s education!  You don’t have to join the PFO; you are already a member when your child attends IC.  

The PFO has 3 primary focuses.  They are:

  • To promote fellowship and camaraderie with students, families, faculty, and staff by hosting activities and events so everyone can participate and build a strong school community.
  • To raise incremental funds to pay for curriculum enhancements, special projects, and resources that teachers request.
  • To organize and staff many exciting educational experiences for our children throughout the school year. 

We encourage you to be informed and involved throughout the school year.  Indian Creek has always benefited from parental involvement.  There are many ways to be involved based on your available time and interests. 

Be informed. We communicate in a number of ways to keep families current.

  • Check backpacks for flyers and teacher notes.
  • Respond timely to teacher requests.
  • Read the Explorer News (the bi-weekly school newsletter).
  • Sign up for List Serve messages (electronic notices and information). 
  • Check the Indian Creek website under Parent Resources.
  • Be involved.  There are also many opportunities to help if your schedule permits. 
  • Make sure your student is at school on time every day.
  • Volunteer to help in the classroom.
  • Volunteer to help with a PFO event or activity.

Parents being informed and involved make a profound difference in the level of success of our students.  It takes a true partnership between the parents, students, and faculty to have an effective, fulfilling school year.

Indian Creek Programs

We do recognize that not all families have time to donate due to work and family obligations; therefore, we have a number of programs that you can support without ever leaving your house!!

Spiritwear- Each year we offer a selection of apparel and other items with the Indian Creek logo on them.  The order forms for these items are available at Meet Me on Monday and Back to School nights.  Order forms are also sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Periodically throughout the school year, there will be days designated as a Spirit Day, and all students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to wear either the school colors or IC apparel.

Grocery /Kohl’s Gift Cards- Kroger and Kohl’s currently participate in our grocery gift card program.  You purchase gift cards from Indian Creek on a dollar for dollar basis.  Meijer also supports IC by offering a Guest Card with the IC code that you swipe at checkout.  This is a great way to do your normal shopping at your favorite stores and help our school at the same time.

Box Tops for Education- This is the easiest way to support Indian Creek from the comfort of your own home.  Several household brands sponsor a program called Box Tops for Education.  You can find these labels on General Mills cereal boxes, Betty Crocker products, Yoplait Yogurt, Pillsbury products and Totinos pizza products to name a few.  All you have to do is cut out the little label that says Box Tops for Education.  There is even a scissor icon where you should cut.  For every label you collect and turn in, IC receives $.10!!  This is literally money sitting on your pantry shelves.  In addition, Tyson Chicken sponsors A+ for Education.  Again all you have to do is cut off that label and turn it in.  The school earns $.24 per Tyson label!!  We send out reminders and envelopes for collection throughout the year.  If you throw a label away, you are throwing money for our school away as well.

We encourage every family to attend the PFO Meetings.  It’s a great way to learn about what’s going on at Indian Creek, to hear from the principal, and to have a say in shaping our future.

Indian Creek Events and Activities

Throughout the school year, we host a variety of events for our families.  These events help us build community within our school as well as raise funds for things for our school and our kids that are not covered by our township budgets.  There are many ways to get involved based on your time and talents.  If you cannot make a time commitment, don’t worry! Remember, just by attending these events, you are supporting your school.

You will receive more detailed information about each of these events as they happen throughout the school year.   Here is a brief summary to familiarize you with all of our events and activities. 

Keep in mind, all of these events need volunteers like you to make them successful!!  We encourage you to get involved and sign up to volunteer for an activity.  

Fall Book Fair (Media Center) during the school day – Sponsored by the IC Media Center, Scholastic Books for all reading levels and subject interests will be available for sale in the Media Center.  Classes will visit the Book Fair once during the week.  Families are invited to attend any time during the school day.  The Book Fair will be open during both Back to School evenings.

Walk-a-thon - This is our single largest fundraiser.  This event is usually held on a Thursday in April during the school day.  Each student is asked to collect pledges for the walk.  The kids walk for 30 minutes with their entire grade level.  Families are welcome to join their students for this event.  There is usually a family celebration on the Friday evening following Walk-a-thon.

Harvest Hoopla – This event is usually held on a Saturday evening in October.  This family friendly fall festival has games and activities for kids of all ages.  One of the main attractions is the Haunted House built by the Dad’s Club.  We serve food and drinks in the cafeteria.  We also have a silent auction for themed baskets.  You can bring the entire family for an evening of affordable food and fun!!

Restaurant Spirit Nights – Usually held once a month at a designated restaurant in the area, families can eat in (or sometimes carry-out) at the participating restaurant and Indian Creek receives a percentage of sales.  This is a great way to give the cook in your family the night off and help Indian Creek at the same time!

Skating Parties- Usually held on school nights throughout the year, these roller skating parties are great fun for Indian Creek families only, and a great way to burn some energy and get some exercise!

Parent Night Out- Usually held on a Friday evening, IC students are invited to bring a sleeping bag to the gym and watch an age appropriate movie on a big screen.  A small snack is served.  Parents may drop their child off for this event. 

Flower Sale- We work with a local nursery to provide a variety of bedding plants sold by the flat, hanging baskets, potted plants and some perennials and ornamental grasses.  Ordering usually takes place in late February/early March with pick up in early May.  Timing is great for Mother’s Day gifts!!