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MSDLT’s Office of Technology provides innovative technology and exceptional support through a customer-oriented mindset and a stable, secure, and highly integrated technical ecosystem. The technology team equips students and staff with tools that enable them to be successful.

Technology Department Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide innovative technology that offers endless possibilities to all users: students, staff, and the community. We will be proficient and ever-present providing technical support that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to equip students with tools that will inspire them to be successful.

Technology Department Vision Statement:

The vision for the technology department at MSDLT is that instruction will drive technology, resulting in numerous opportunities to engage students academically through multiple learning platforms.

Office of Technology
(317) 423-8340

Chief Technology Officer - Dr. Steve Goeglein
(317) 423-8340
Contact Steve Goeglein

Administrative Assistant to the Chief Technology Officer - Ms. Tamara Barkley
(317) 423-8340
Contact Tamara Barkley

Application & Data Services Department Leader - Ms. Paisley Stoltman
(317) 423-8344
Contact Paisley Stoltman

Business Analyst - Ms. Rachel Fox 
(317) 423-8453
Contact Rachel Fox

Applications & Data Specialist - Mr. Jeff Bradley
(317) 423-8458
Contact Jeff Bradley

Applications & Data Specialist - Mr. Nathan Mott
Contact Nathan Mott
(317) 423-8343

Applications & Data Specialist - Ms. Mary (Sam) Walker
Contact Mary Walker
(317) 423-8347

Network & Technical Support Department Leader - Mr. Rodrick Landess
(317) 423-8370
Contact Rodrick Landess

Systems Administrator - Mr. Charles Westra
(317) 423-8340
Contact Charles Westra

Systems Administrator - Mr. Jose Paulino
(317) 423-8352
Contact Jose Paulino

Systems Administrator - Mr. Khary Turner
(317) 423-8340
Contact Khary Turner

Lead District Technician - Mr. Alan Tarango Bautista
Contact Alan Tarango Bautista
(317) 423-8450

Technical Support Specialist - Ms. Jessika McDaniel
(317) 423-8457
Contact Jessika McDaniel

Technical Support Specialist - Mr. Desmond Owens
(317) 423-8476
Contact Desmond Owens