Alerts: Jan 15, 2021
MSD of Lawrence Township will provide virtual instruction K-12 through January 15, 2021. Click here for additional information.

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Kevin Kemper (Contact Kevin Kemper)
Assistant Principal - Valencia Williams (Contact Valencia Williams)
Administrative Assistant/Registrar - Cherity Guevara (Contact Cherity Guevara)
Home School Advisor - Tracy Beer (Contact Tracy Beer)
Treasurer - Nicole Rockingham (Contact Nicole Rockingham)
Nurse - Julie Hils (Contact Julie Hils)
Head Custodian - Mike Lopez (Contact Mike Lopez)
Cafeteria Manager - Nancy Siehl (Contact Nancy Siehl)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Donna Tonnis (Contact Donna Tonnis)

Special Areas

Music - Julie Gray (Contact Julie Gray)
STEM - Jennifer Mosier (Contact Jennifer Mosier)
Media Specialist - Monica Katowitz (Contact Monica Katowitz)
PE - Keith Beatty (Contact Keith Beatty)
Robotics & Design - Bruce Nelson (Contact Bruce Nelson)
Jock Maggard (Contact Jock Maggard)

Grade One

LaMonica Henson (Contact LaMonica Henson)
Megan Godbout (Contact Megan Godbout)
Sylvia Marreo (Contact Sylvia Marreo)
Suzanne Griffith (Contact Suzanne Griffith)
Patty Horan (Contact Patty Horan)

Grade Two

Mayra Guerra (Contact Mayra Guerra) Dual
Tyseea Briggs (Contact Tyseea Briggs)
Jessica Cosman (Contact Jessica Cosman)
Sheryl Lopez (Contact Sheryl Lopez)
Jennifer Schlotter (Contact Jennifer Schlotter)
Amber Richards (Contact Amber Richards)

Grade Three

Stephanie Sharp * (Contact Stephanie Sharp *)
Ricardo Mejia (Contact Ricardo Mejia)
Jeanie Renollet (Contact Jeanie Renollet)
Stephanie Sousa (Contact Stephanie Sousa)
Rebecca Thaxton (Contact Rebecca Thaxton)
Brayden McKinney (Contact Brayden McKinney)

Grade Four

Amy Erdos (Contact Amy Erdos)
Jennifer Thomason (Contact Jennifer Thomason)
Danielle Behlmer (Contact Danielle Behlmer)
Schmeika Carpenter-Turner (Contact Schmeika Carpenter-Turner)
Vanessa Darius (Contact Vanessa Darius)
Becky Thaxton (Contact Becky Thaxton)

Grade Five

Michelle Ciriello (Contact Michelle Ciriello)
Brittney Edmond (Contact Brittney Edmond)
Steve Hardwick (Contact Steve Hardwick)
Carey Musa (Contact Carey Musa)
Tiffany Holland (Contact Tiffany Holland)

Grade Six

Heidi Carothers * (Contact Heidi Carothers *)
Kelley MacDonald (Contact Kelley MacDonald)
Shannon Harris (Contact Shannon Harris)
Stacey Harris (Contact Stacey Harris)
James Towey (Contact James Towey)

School Resource Staff

Pamela Oliphant (Contact Pamela Oliphant)
Functional Academics - Stephanie Gray (Contact Stephanie Gray)
English as a New Language - Rebecca McGill Baker (Contact Rebecca McGill Baker )
Resource Teacher - Polly Harker (Contact Polly Harker)
Resource Teacher - Pamela Oliphant (Contact Pamela Oliphant)
School Psychologist - Karyn Winkler (Contact Karyn Winkler)
Speech & Language - Jodee Graham (Contact Jodee Graham)
English as a New Language - Martha Constantine (Contact Martha Constantine)
ENL IA - Alma Rath (Contact Alma Rath)
Instructional Assistant - Cindy Kupiainen (Contact Cindy Kupiainen)
Instructional Assistant - Jock Maggard (Contact Jock Maggard)
Instructional Assistant - Madaline Lee (Contact Madaline Lee )
Instructional Assistant - Gerald Venne (Contact Gerald Venne)
Instructional Assistant - Terri Wiles (Contact Terri Wiles)